Changi Airport Terminal 4 by SAA Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Nov 2015 7:54 pm | Other

The practice of SAA Architects in collaboration with the Benoy Limited design firm unveiled their plans for the Terminal 4 addition to the Changi Airport in Singapore which was recently voted as the 2013 World’s Best Airport.

The new terminal spreads over 48 acres and it will have gardens, a luxury shopping district and biometric technologies that will facilitate the travel experience while also making it go faster. The terminal will feature a two floor glazed façade, vertical garden walls, skylight lanterns and there will be a large open space in the center called the Central Galleria.

The cultural heritage of the region will also have its part in the design so that the departure lounge will feature a unique retail façade mimicking the style of the old Peranakan architecture. The biometric technology includes iris scanners and fingerprint imaging and there will be a new walk-through retail concept in which passengers will have a new shopping experience. The project will open in 2017 and is expected to accommodate 16 million passengers a year.



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