CETICOM Jaén by ER Arquitectos + non Arquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jan 2014 4:56 pm | Other

CETICOM Jaen is a project located in a transition zone between a residential expansion to the north and the Olivares industrial area of Jaen, Spain making the site a unique transitional area and a sort of no man’s land where the designers could be as creative as they wanted and to find a way of establishing a relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and the natural environment.

The designers created a project which tries to bring an urban aesthetic to the landscape while also contributing positively to it through sustainable elements integrated in the structure to create a dialogue with the medium rather than just aggressively modify it for the needs of the landowner.

The building is autonomous and easy to maintain with a garden next to it and integrated spaces which encourage creativity and productivity creating a new nature that will not offer a distinct separation between the artificial and the natural.



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