Central Thermal in Muroto by Ciel Rouge Creation

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jun 2015 8:01 pm | Other, Urban

Located in Muroto, Japan and created by the architectural practice of Ciel Rouge Creation in 2006, the Centre de Thalassotherapie UTOCO focuses on the marine life for its inspiration and provided a project with three main structures that were unofficially nicknamed the three whales.

The thermal spa is located in-between the UTOCO Hotel and the seawater center along the coast being the latest addition to the complex.

According to the designers its purpose is to reflect a new culture, one placed in the water and the deep sea, and also one that opens up new ways of approaching the concept of well-being. With no straight lines, simple forms, round windows and undulating shapes the interior tries to remind us of the interior of a ship. The abundant use of wood also adds a warm tone to the whole space, creating a calming and secure ambiance where you can properly relax and forget the daily worries.



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