Central Railway Station Rotterdam

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Mar 2014 4:05 pm | Other, Urban

The new Central Railway Station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands features a system for transparent curtain walls provided by the ODS-Jansen firm that ensure large expanses of glass with slim sections to allow a good control of the incidence of light.

The public transport terminal was re-anchored in the city center to be a part of the European network of transport hubs that were required once the high speed rail system was implemented. The design of the station tries to reflect its urban surroundings so that they act as a single entity with an open environment and a combination of living and working spaces to improve the social climate of the area.

There is a passage under the tracks that continues the concourse and the platforms have a transparent roof spanning over the whole track zone. The low-key of the residential zone continues on the entrance on Spoorsingel which is also modest, while the concourse on the side of the city offers a high glass and timber façade that acts as a gateway toward the center of the city.



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