Centra Metropark by KPF

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jun 2015 10:39 pm | Urban

The KPF architectural practice renovated the office building of Centra Metropark in the city of New Jersey, USA. The American Institute of Architects awarded KPF with the National Honor Award, their highest honor, for this project.

Although the building is five stories high, the design offers a horizontal composition with an asymmetrical tree-column and a truss for the fourth floor. In the center of the fourth floor is a rectangular carving which permits the sunlight to illuminate the ground level plaza and add a more natural feeling to the large structure. What is exemplary is the way in which the architects chose to use the existing buildings and provide a new project that offers a new and imaginative perspective.

The landscaped promenades and urban rooms provide an imposing sense of control and the sustainable environment provides a modern aesthetic where everyone can find a place to socialize and explore.



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