Cave House by French Designer Alexandre de Betak

By : Mark V | 10 Jul 2015 7:11 am | Homes

The French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak also tried his hand at designing his own house in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. He took his inspiration from the caves and tried to use the organic architectural current that was so hip during the 70s to make his unique home.

The floor is a mosaic of small rocks; the furniture is as simplistic as the ones made thousands of years ago, and the shelves are also made from rocks. The illumination is the only thing that reminds us that this is a modern piece of housing and not something prehistoric (besides the white robot mouse with the bamboo stick…).

The ceiling lets the raw wood beams in plain sight and all else seems to have as few finishing touches as is possible. All the walls are also built in resemblance of a cave, thus having irregular angles and varying thickness.

The exterior is a bit more conventional and a pool waits just outside for a little swim of just to admire the wonderful surroundings. Considering the warm temperature of the location we can easily figure out why a cave might seem like a good idea.


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