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The Incheon Tri-bowl by iArc Architects

By : Mark V | 29 Nov 2012 9:37 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

The Incheon Tri-bowl was completed in March 2010 in one of South Korea’s biggest cities, Incheon, of course. iArc Architects was the company which came up with this landmark that spreads over 2,869 sqm. The project was supposed to be a new symbol of this city and to refresh the look of the central park of Song Do. It’s located right next to the Incheon Harbor and at times it seems to reflect the ocean. The building has a multidimensional aspect…

Quartier M Design in Düsseldorf by J. MAYER H

By : Mark V | 4 Dec 2011 10:57 pm | Urban

Berlin-based practice J. MAYER H. came up with this stunning design for the “Quartier M” project that will function as a connection between the Hauptbahnhof central station and Tanzhaus NRW/Capitol. The urban development of Düsseldorf, Germany is just at the beginning, the designers striving to combine the living functions of the city with the working ones. The project allows flexibility since this urban design will feature privately financed and government subsidized public housing. The architects also saved a spot for…

The Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka, Finland

By : Mark V | 4 Dec 2011 3:11 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

The new Maritime Centre in Kotka stretches from the heart of the city till the north-eastern end of the City Terminal, this being the perfect place for travelers that want to discover Finland. Kotka’s Maritime Centre Vellamo attracts tourists both through its beautiful design and its practical utility. The Mariticime Centre holds a historical importance for Kotka. It represents the culture of the city and its design inspires other projects in the area since the city is in a constant…

Science Center Otto Bock in the center of Berlin

By : Mark V | 4 Dec 2011 1:34 pm | Urban

The center of New Berlin has a new building to reveal to the passers –by. It is called the Science Center Medical Technology and it can be found at Potsdamer Platz. This office is one of the representatives of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, a renowned medical technology company from Germany. The design of the structure was made in collaboration with the owners from Otto Bock, the designers from Gnädinger Architects and the media designers from Art+ Com. The project has…

East Oakland Sports Center by ELS Architects

By : Mark V | 13 Oct 2011 11:57 am | Infrastructure, Urban

Part of the LEED Silver project, the East Oakland Sports Centre lies on a site that was at first reserved for a 2012 Olympics venue that San Francisco placed (and eventually lost) a bid for. It was opened in July and it can be found in Ira Jinkins Park, Oakland. The location chosen makes it feel secluded. It was made for the ailing community, designed by ELS Architects and Urban Design. It functions as a recreation center and it also…

The new Viborg Town Hall by Henning Larsen

By : Mark V | 7 Oct 2011 11:18 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

A town hall is more than just a building, it’s one of the representative buildings of any city and maybe even the image of the town.  Specialists consider the new Viborg Town Hall to be a masterpiece and one can tell why just by looking at the building or by seeing a picture of it. Henning Larsen Architects put their best ideas at work and they came up with an intricate, splendid faceted shape. The building has been completed in…

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