Casas Na Areia by Aires Mateus

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Sep 2015 4:39 pm | Hotels & Spas

The architectural practice of Aires Mateus designed Casas Na Areia as a getaway from the busy life of the city to the small village of Comporta in Portugal, a place where peace and simplicity go hand in hand. The structure tries to emulate the simplicity with its design and keep the decorations and furnishings to a minimum.

The project consists of four double bedrooms spreading over a surface of 30 square meters with ensuite bathrooms providing accommodation for a group of up to eight persons and the housing also offers a Mediterranean breakfast and maid service.

The rustic and traditional exterior fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment, but the interior tries to offer its residents the comfort of a modern interior with the open plan design and the high tech sound system, illumination and internet. Other services include the swimming pool outside, a fully equipped kitchen with dish washer, microwave oven, coffee machine and cooking utensils, along with a small utility room where a washing machine and four bicycles wait to be used.



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