Casa Mirador by AR+C

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jun 2016 6:59 am | Homes

Located in Guayllabamba, Quito Canton, Ecuador, the Casa Mirador is a residential project designed by the AR+C architectural practice in 2013 as a continuation of the natural environment in which it is placed so that the house is actually embedded inside the mountain.

The house has a green platform as its roof and it allows the preservation of a lookout site. The primary construction is composed of a perimeter contention wall and the interior has a surface of 140 square meters.

The ventilation and temperature inside is taken care of by an air chamber ensuring the thermal comfort as well as protecting from humidity and the structure was built to resist a layer of around 20 centimeters of vegetation on its deck.

The deck communicates with the house via open skylights and these also provide the residence with cross-ventilation making it more eco-friendly. The interior illumination is homogenous and there are multiple LED spots to provide a low energy consuming source of light.



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