Casa das Artes in Miranda do Corvo by FAT – Future Architecture Thinking

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Dec 2015 9:37 pm | Other

Located in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal, the Casa das Artes, meaning House of Arts, is a landmark which celebrates the place where people meet and where culture and art take place in a space which is capable of encouraging and promoting the creative activities.

The project is a versatile space which is capable of hosting a large variety of events serving all segments of the population and its design was created by FAT – Future Architecture Thinking. The façade has an expressive geometry and a contemporary style with sloped roofs to create a dialogue with the mountainous landscape and the rooftops of the village. The bright red color emphasizes the design and highlights the building setting it apart as a contrast to the nearby landscaped area.

There are three volumes, the first one hosting the stage areas, the second having the audience and foyer and the third one contains a cafeteria and an area which will become a museum.



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