Capsule Hotel along the Seine by Menomenopiu Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Dec 2014 3:28 pm | Other

The city of Paris is always highly populated with tourists and their increase led to a lot of the urban areas being transformed into residential units, so the practice of Menomenopiu Architects came up with a solution that transforms the banks of the Seine River into short-term housing for visitors.

The designers took their inspiration from the booksellers that can be found along the river and from the Japanese cabin hotels, building several small houses that are installed on platforms next to the river, with an orientation toward the Cathedral of Notre Dame to offer the inhabitants a splendid view of the city.

The access between the homes is ensured by a secure corridor along the banks that can be reached by users only. Another important feature of the capsules is that they can be moved, being only temporary and thus can be set during the most crowded seasons without leaving a permanent impact on the site.


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