Campo Belo Building by RoccoVidal Perkins + Will

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Dec 2014 7:26 pm | Other

The RoccoVidal Perkins + Will architectural practice designed the MaxHaus Campo Belo Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the aid of the businessman Jose Paim de Andrade, offering a residential tower with 17 floors and a contemporary setting.

There are 68 units inside, each of them with a surface of 70 square meters and an open layout in which the bathroom is the only enclosed room with the wiring and plumbing integrated into the central core. The units can be merged into a single larger one either spread on two floors or on a single horizontal one so that the overall surface would become 140 square meters or even more.

The windows are placed to allow future modifications and to bring as much natural light inside as possible. The walls are painted white and the floors and ceiling have been left with the exposed concrete tones for an industrial tone that is neutral so that the inhabitants can decorate the rest of the space in any way they like.


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