Camarines House by A-cero Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Feb 2016 12:46 am | Homes

The Camarines House located in the exclusive residential neighborhood of Aravaca in Madrid, Spain was designed by the practice of A-cero Architects and covers an area of 631.71 square meters with a bright and contemporary design that brings together this wonderful villa.

There are two parallel vertical plans crossing through the building to provide the main idea for the design, while the rest of the house has been developed around the central axis with the use of several twin cubes to provide the volume.

This area follows with the public spaces composed of the kitchen and the living and dining area, while the private section lies on the first floor, connected through a sculptural stairway, with four suite bedrooms, one being for the guests. Other rooms include an office with a library and these are linked with the living room through the double height space.

The predominant material is the white monolayer mortar that covers the entire villa and provides the unity of the building, while other materials used for finishes include white Macael marble or wood.



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