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By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Dec 2014 1:20 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Cake is a dessert restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine which was designed by the architects Slava Balbek and Nadya Chabanny from the and it only took them four months to complete the project which was opened in November 2014.

The main hall has a surface of 80 square meters and the abundance of details brought into it was only possible through the use of handcrafted design elements. The transparent walls of the kitchen have piles of cakes on display and the concrete tiles were created by artisans for a puzzle-like ambiance.

There are two seating areas with different heights and their own color tones, one with thin bar chairs made of wood and metallic racks, while the other one has velvet fabric green couches and sofas with grayish tones.

The most contrasting element in the design is the pink sculpture that attracts attention from all areas due to the color reminiscent of a glazed cake.


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