Bushland Retreat Designer Kitchen from Australia

By : Mark V | 14 Feb 2013 6:21 pm | Interior Design, Interiors

Designed by Kim Duffin from Sublime Architectural Interiors, this state of the art kitchen is located in Brisbane, Australia, and it’s actually the reason why Kim was named the KBDI Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year in 2011.

The designers say that they considered the kitchen as one of the key places of the apartment and thus they took care of this part before the others and the clients mentioned wanting to have a place that will boost their entire home lives.

The materials used were highly modern with glass and steel but the contrast with some natural elements was required to provide a more balanced ensemble and thus the flooring is made from textured wood grain. Also, adding a natural feeling to the whole are the vines and bush flowers that decorate the kitchen to contrast with the linearity of the cabinets and appliances, together with a Statuario marble that enriches the island and is supported by two stainless steel columns ending in a mirror.

The appliances are placed together in an area that offers easy reach to the scullery and it has been carefully picked to maintain the minimalist overall design, while the wine fridge and beverage center were placed so as to offer access from both inside and outside the kitchen through bi-folding doors.

The lighting is provided through LEDs above the ceiling and LED lights under it and towards the shelves, each area of the kitchen having its own light spots so as to provide clarity all around. Overall the kitchen is an example of contemporary architecture offering a feast for the eyes as much as for the stomach.


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