Budapest Underground Line M4 – Kálvin tér Station by PALATIUM Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Oct 2014 12:08 pm | Infrastructure

The M4 Underground line is the largest infrastructure project in Budapest, Hungary and, since it is an important part of the public transport, a national competition was started in 2004 for its modernization which was won by the PALATIUM Studio in collaboration with several smaller firms and engineering companies.

The stations were designed as unique pieces but with a similar idea in mind and the designers compare the project with a “building with ten wings” where each has a separate purpose and ambiance but they are still part of the same whole.

The Kalvin ter station is one of the largest and the requirements for it were more complex due to the interchanging position with the M3 line, so the spatial arrangement became more difficult to plan. The use of cut-and-cover technologies permitted the creation of large open spaces with curved forms. There are elevators to give access to the station and the rough structural elements were complemented with fine finishes and a vivid color palette that makes the travelling experience more joyful.


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