Budapest Music Center by Art1st Design Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Feb 2016 12:33 am | Other

The Budapest Music Center is a project created by the Art1st Design Studio with the trombonist and music teacher Laszlo Goz as the CEO.

The company focuses on promoting classical, contemporary and jazz music with a plethora of activities such as the Hungarian Music Information Database and Library, managing and organizing various events and also having a record company. The Database collects and classifies the Hungarian classical, jazz and contemporary repertoire so that they become available worldwide and it expands every day with tens of thousands of copies.

Most of the activities of the center are non-profit so it is funded by other events and since it began to involve itself in a large range of activities a single venue became necessary to run them all efficiently in a manner similar to Carnegie Hall in New York.

The building was originally a residential building constructed in 1890 and during the Second World War it became the Russian military quarters. The elevation was maintained and the structural system is the traditional one with a central courtyard surrounded by the wings which host the cellar, ground floor and attic levels.



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