Brotherton Barn by Anderson Orr Partnership

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2016 2:53 pm | Homes

The architectural practice of Anderson Orr Partnership designed the Brotherton Barn project in the town of Pusey, Oxfordshire, England and their aim was to integrate the original Grade II Listed Barn with a contemporary design so that the living area and master bedroom suite can communicate.

The challenge was to transform the building while maintaining the same height and volume for the vaulted spaces of the barn and so the designers decided to construct the new spaces underground where the space wasn’t so much of a problem.

The resulting interiors are spacious and the barn windows provide the natural lighting. The predominantly white walls gain a bit of warmth through the aid of the wooden floor and the wooden beams are also left exposed to increase this effect and also offer the space a more rustic motif.

The living area and the master bedroom received their link through a staircase that was also transformed into a small art gallery to add even more style to the place.



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