Brighton Home by Darren Comber

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2016 3:49 pm | Homes

This contemporary residence located in Brighton, Australia was designed by the architect Darren Comber for a mid-sized family that wants an urban home from which they could also enjoy the sun and landscape with an outdoor swimming pool and open terrace that extends the interior while also bringing more natural light inside.

The structure is spread over two levels with large windows on all sides and a double façade with the garage in the front and a glazed wall at the back so that the inhabitants can easily access the back garden and its swimming pool.

The side walls act as a gallery-like corridor that enriches the interior with artworks and they lead to the living area to provide constant visual connection between the spaces inside and the surroundings, without having to worry about privacy due to the walls and louvers implemented to provide safety even in the urban location of the residence.



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