Bridge Over the Rhone by Meier + Associes Architectes

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Nov 2016 5:16 pm | Bridges

Created in 2012 by the practice of Meier + Associes Architectes, this bridge passes over the Rhone River in Les Evouettes, Port-Valais, Switzerland and it also brings a lasting effect to its surrounding landscape through the “horizontal architecture” bringing a metallic element to the fields, road, railway track, embankments and canal which comprise the environment.

The bridge has a length of 450 meters and it is only a few meters above the ground acting as a continuous object which reflects the distribution of different loads to stride over the terrain and interact with it through the mathematical principle of harmonic curves.

The bridge takes the color of concrete to act as a red line through the green and blue landscape with a shape inspired from that of a roadway. The shell structure was designed to reflect the various static loads through the capturing of light in a distinct manner and the v shape of the pylons follow the same idea.



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