Brick House by Zecc Architecten

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Oct 2013 5:51 pm | Homes

The wonderful Brick House was designed in 2013 by the practice of Zecc Architecten for a family in the village of Groenekan, Netherlands. The project was designed with a façade matching the characteristics of the village and landscape which surround it so the main material was traditional brick.

The exterior maintains the rural characteristics of the surroundings and the same brickwork but it brings a new element with its roof since the other houses all have a sloping roof with ceramic roof tiles. The resulting house is a very modern one which reinterprets the rural characteristics into a contemporary way.

There are two floors and a basement with a terrace extending as a part of the living area and this terrace and the annex are also using bricks as the main material.

The bricks used in the construction were developed specifically for this project by the Danish brick manufacturer Peterson and every brick is handmade thus adding a large variety of corner pieces. The chimney, lintel and brick sills are also made with this material.



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