Brasov Tower by Point 4 Space

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Aug 2014 6:50 pm | Other

Brasov Tower is one of the remaining fortifications built during the Middle Ages by the Saxon colonists in Brasov, Romania and it went through a gradual restoration program began by the city council to bring the walls and towers to better conditions.

The Drapers Bastion was refurbished by the practice of Point 4 Space after being abandoned for a long time. The excavations uncovered older wall remains on the ground floor and the purpose of the renovation was to transform the tower into an information center with interactive information about the fortification system throughout the city.

The original foundation was preserved and exposed while the information center was designed as a free-standing structure so that it doesn’t hinder the structure. The timber sentinel walks have been replaced with new walkways that follow the original geometry and position but with a steel structure to make them more durable.

Some areas have large windows to preserve the visual connection between the areas and you can see glimpses of the urban surroundings without the addition of any irreversible additions to the original structure.



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