BPGM Law Firm by FGMF Arquitetos

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jan 2016 11:30 pm | Offices

The practice of FGMF Arquitetos designed the office space of the BPGM Law Firm which spreads over two floors and can thus be separated into an operational one where the staff can do its work and a social area where the meeting rooms and administrative areas are located.

The office space was placed in a radial geometry in order to provide each meeting room with a view of the exterior and to allow natural light inside.

The central piece of the space is a large library which also has the purpose of organizing the access to the various rooms through passageways which raise its importance and transform it into a labyrinth-like attraction of the whole office space.

The library doesn’t touch the floor, being suspended 40 centimeters above it so that it further emphasizes its symbolic load and reminds us of the mostly intellectual work that the lawyer has to do.



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