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Address: Menara Bank Danamon – Mega Kuningan – Jakarta – Indonesia

Construction Type: Architecture & Interior Design Project
Total floor area: 300m2
Architects & Interior Designer : Einstein & Associates
Principal Architect : Leo Einstein Franciscus
Completed: January 2015

Located at Mega Kuningan, The Golden Triangle of Jakarta’s central Business District. Bottega Ristorante is one of the newest european concept restaurant with modern touch in the capital of Indonesia. The chosen concept for this particular project is “La Dolce Vita”, meaning the good life, a mixing of posh and classy while still taking industrial design as the glue between the two. The restaurant itself is a freestanding building at Danamon Bank Tower (Menara Bank Danamon) area. Taking into considerations that the area is full of office towers and same looking buildings, Bottega Ristorante is built to be a breath of fresh air and truly remind people to live “La Dolce Vita”.

First step into the restaurant, steel, copper, brass , wood , terrazzo and mosaic tiles are the six main elements dominating the first sight we see. People can choose to dine in the alfresco area where they permit smoking, or the indoor area with no smoking allowed. The main dining area and the bar are located in the indoor area, while the outdoor area consists of communal and alfresco dining, surrounded by the landscape of the garden.

When we walk through the stairs, on the left,we can see the alfresco dining with communal table with peacock feather mosaic tiles table top and hanging filament bulbs as the center point. The long linear layout of the alfresco dining area is ended by the round brass sofa, which separates the alfresco dining area with the powder room and the restrooms. On the right is the building with the main dining area inside. The shape of the building is also quite narrow, hence the linear setting seating area. Dominating the main dining area are the blue peacock feather floor pattern and the copper kitchen’s facade at the end of the main dining area. An elegant bar area on the right, and the big window on the left with round copper sofa separating the bar dining area and main dining area. The center point of the main dining area is the many hanging filament bulbs mixed with half bowl silver bulbs which can be dimmed during the night, giving off more romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant uses some italian mosaic tiles (ex. Sicis) on the wall, floor and tables. The patterns used are peacock and flower patterns. Copper is also applied on the ceiling, sofa,kitchen’s facade, windows screens and communal table. Materials used outdoor are herringbone patterned wood, granite, cobalt stone and terrazzo with sleek brass inlay as the classy detail. The alfresco dining area is sheltered by glass canopy, while the building’s facade is covered by unpolished steel.

Combination of steel, copper, brass, wood, terrazzo and mosaic tiles is the designer’s way to mix industrial design with posh materials, blending modern and classy all at once. There are versatility in the use of materials, not only in the variety, but also the surface finishing of the materials. Some of the materials, like brass and copper is fully polished, while the steel, wood, and terrazzo are left just the way they are, natural and unfinished.

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