BLUE Communications offices by Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2016 11:01 am | Offices

Designed by Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau, this contemporary office space hosts the interactive agency of BLUE Communications in Montreal, Canada and due to its name, the color blue had to be inserted in the space and is the only color accentuated throughout the entire office. The other colors are neutral such as black, white or grey and thus they make the blue become even more evident.

The office space covers a surface of 2750 square feet and is located on the 8th floor of the Carrefour d’Innovation INGO building. The main aim of the designers was to create a space where interaction and creativity were enabled and encouraged.

The design is open and filled with natural light due to the high ceilings and the large areas. The conference room is delineated by high glass panels and it has a custom designed table 36 feet long that brings unity to the space. There are some semi private administration areas as well which are divided by white vertical panels and the kitchen along with the lounge defines the central space of the office. Each area has its own décor and atmosphere but through the use of the same materials and colors there is a sense of unity to the whole.



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