Blackfriars Solar Bridge by Solarcentury

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Mar 2016 1:52 am | Bridges

Located at the Blackfriars station in London, UK this bridge is the largest solar bridge in the world featuring 4400 photovoltaic panels and providing the station with half of the energy it requires to operate.

The project began through the collaboration of Solarcentury and the England Network Rail which managed to create a symbol of sustainability through their work.  The Blackfriars Solar Bridge passes over the Thames River to allow thousands of commuters to pass from South London.

The station has other eco-friendly measures implemented as well, such as electric trains to ensure a more sustainable means of transportation and according to First Capital Connect, the owners of Blackfriars, the panels will divert 511 tons of carbon emissions each year so that this will reduce the carbon footprint of the station by a massive amount.

The panels on the bridge are visible from both sides and aside from their functionality they should also have educational purposes, making the passersby more aware of the need for sustainable measures.


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