Bicentennial Museum by B4FS Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Sep 2013 5:39 pm | Museums

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Bicentennial Museum was restored by the practice of B4FS Arquitectos as a conversion of the ancient Customs building into the contemporary museum in one of the densest historical areas of the city.

The purpose of the refurbishment was to recover the building as a whole so the glazed cover has the purpose of protecting the actual archeological site while also maintaining the brightness of the open space. The cover also ensures the conditions for the exhibition of the different cultural goods such as the “Plastic Exercise” mural painting created by the Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

The glazed roof allows the interior to keep a connection with the city and the entire project is meant to create a cultural corridor between the river and the Puerto Madero district. The area will also receive a new look with the addition of a linear park that will bring out the Seat of the National Government.


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