Bibliothèque du Boisé by Lemay

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 May 2015 12:54 pm | Other

Bibliotheque du Boise is a library set between Thimens Boulevard and Marcel-Laurin Park in Montreal, Canada and it was designed by the Lemay architectural practice who is one of the leading integrated environment design firms in Canada after their acquisition of the Daniel Arbour & Associes, Cardinal Hardy Architectes and Martin Marcotte/Architectes.

The livrary has a surface of 5000 square meters and was created to integrate perfectly with the surrounding landscape, since it serves as a connection point with the park and boulevard, leading you from intimate to dramatic spaces inside with several access ways and an efficient overall layout.

Instead of using a monumental approach for the landmark, the designers wanted the architecture to be landscape and the landscape to become architecture so the façade is simple and universal while still having an identity with rich spaces available for discovery. The interior was created for the entire community so it strongly encourages interaction and collaboration, allowing a large number of persons to use the services efficiently.


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