Bermondsey Warehouse Loft by Form Design Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Feb 2014 4:39 pm | Apartments

This loft apartment called Bermondsey Warehouse Loft is located in London and it was refurbished by the Form Design Architecture studio having the flooring covered by the timber boards which were salvaged from an old Welsh chapel.

The loft is in an industrial building that used to be a tin and zinc factory, with the designers themselves having their offices on the ground floor of the building so the owners asked them for several minor alterations to the apartment and they gradually refitted the whole space to create a living area that is inspired by a New York loft-conversion.

The exposed brick walls of the interior were painted white and the existing partitions were removed to create a more flexible space with the areas defined as sleeping, exercise, eating, work and relaxation areas. The kitchen is separated from the living area through an island made of cupboards and the sleeping area is hidden behind a sliding door.



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