Beautifully designed apartment in Spain

By : Mark V | 11 Jul 2015 7:51 pm | Apartments, Interiors

The style of this apartment is unique and strange in the same time. It has a style very much alike with the southern Spain if you think of the colours. It has modern pieces of furniture and white backgrounds. The apartment has many things to offer, especially enormous living spaces.

The design of the apartment doesn’t go unnoticed. You either feel inclined to accept it or not. Above the double bed you can notice two black nooses. So the owners of the apartment would have to be people with a sense of humour or people that are inclined towards macabre.

The point is that the concept and the approach are unique, when it comes to the design of an apartment. What else can you find here? Unusual paintings such as two faces covered by hair, lamps with innovative designs, the statue of Mao Tze Dun and the funny looking carpet that has a stamp model.


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