Beautiful Landscape Fence by heri&salli

By : Mark V | 25 May 2015 8:50 pm | Other

This amazing piece of architecture was designed by heri&salli to encompass the swimming pool of a private owner from Austria.

The structure is made from steel and it has a multitude of mounted panels and interior constructions that give a surreal effect of being swept into a virtual world, one that changes every sense of space you used to have before.

The basic concept for the project was that of a fence, but this idea got transcended into interplays of interior versus exterior that redefine its purpose of being a demarcation making it more of a border between two worlds. More than this it also gives the rules and principles of the entire zone, making it the centerpiece and not just an obstacle.

With the panels set in different positions it offers glimpses of the beyond without disclosing more than is needed and thus lets the mind fill in the blanks. The shapes form stairs, seats and even a table though everything seems random and unintentional opening up into unexpected geometries and into the vastness of the lake next to the construction.

This is conceptual architecture at its finest, a philosophical treatise made from steel.


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