Bay Street Residence by Bittoni Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Aug 2014 6:54 pm | Homes

The Bay Street Residence is a project designed by the practice of Bittoni Architects, remodeling a small bungalow on the beach of Santa Monica, California, USA.

The original structure was a bungalow built in 1913 which was moved on the site in 1920 and the current residence maintains the original look from the street side while the interior is completely refurbished and brought up to date to maintain an open layout connected to the backyard.

The rear side was extended with a two floor addition that hosts a master bedroom and deck so that the ground floor can function as a living area with a terraced indoor dining area and floor-to-ceiling glazing to offer a constant contact with the backyard.

The interior is bright and contemporary with the kitchen acting as a transition area between the living area, dining space and lounge, all of them featuring a white ceiling, walls and a light wood floor with skylights to bring even more natural light inside.



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