Balcony House by A-cero

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2013 5:18 pm | Featured, Homes

Named simply the Balcony House, this project is a single family contemporary home located in Madrid, Spain and designed by the A-cero architectural practice.

Spreading over 952 square meters and on three levels this house is located in a splendid natural landscape while also being close to the city, since the center is only 14 km away. The name becomes obvious once you glimpse at the pictures since the main element is the large balcony.

The design tries to communicate with the surrounding landscape through an open plan that features a double height with a lot of glass surfaces and wooden structures. The living room extends to the large terrace to create a single area and along with the kitchen; these areas were designed and built exclusively for the customer using high quality finishes.

The illumination inside is provided by LEDs which allow each interior to be framed and emphasized while also providing a homogenous source of light.



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