Bachelor Pad 63 by D|C Interior Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 May 2016 6:04 am | Apartments

The designer Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design renovated this four bedroom apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan and transformed it into a modern, spacious and bright bachelor pad, and thus it was properly named Bachelor Pad 63.

Located on the 6th floor in a building that has 15 floors, the 2200 square feet apartment became a single room once two of the brick walls which were separating the kitchen, the living room and the office got removed. The new space is now separated by an aluminum H-beam and a glass wall that doesn’t obstruct the view from the office. The new kitchen now includes a bar and right next to it is the big TV set that turns this part into the entertainment section of the pad.

The overall ambiance is created with neutral tones and modern finishes that provide comfort and style, while the illumination is provided through various ways, either through bright sections of false ceiling or through multiple spots that are uniformly spread throughout the space to provide a homogenous and fitting light.



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