By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Oct 2016 4:41 pm | Other

B-And-Bee is an original camping pod designed in Belgium to provide an alternative to the sleeping tents that are usually the conditions when going to a musical festival.

The hexagonal sleeping cells each have a king-sized bed that will make you feel comfortable. You can access the modules via a staircase and the stacked structures ensure an efficient arrangement that doesn’t require a lot of space to function properly.

The B-And-Bee offers a way of avoiding the overpriced hotels which are usually crowded during festivals and this choice allows you to be closer to the atmosphere. The interior has a simple wooden finish and there are some light fixtures for illumination.

The exterior of the cells is decorated with artworks and the enclosing system in the front can also act as a large banner. Easily transported and installed, the B-And-Bee is a simple yet efficient solution to the problem of housing a large number of persons and they can even be placed in remote areas without much trouble.



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