Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory by Jensen Liu and Sally Hsu

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Apr 2013 2:08 pm | Hotels & Spas, Other

The Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory is a project that focuses on the famous phenomenon to attract persons willing to enjoy the experience with their own eyes while also providing them with a hotel where they can have the best conditions.

This project is in itself a remarkable piece of architecture, one that tries to use the latest technology to provide the most functional structure possible and also add a mystical aura to it through the revival of the ancient myths about the phenomenon, namely the awakening of the goddess of dawn,- Eos, which splits open the night sky and escapes from the dark.

The architects Jensen Liu and Sally Hsu focused on sustainability as a way of taking the site for a project into consideration as an efficient sustainable system will minimize the site’s disturbance. The design’s peculiar shape tries to represent the wings of Eos giving a response to the aurora through magnetic fields.

The building sits inside the terrain and this nestling provides insulation from the thermal energy of the earth and the reflective stainless steel on the façade has LEDs on the rooftop which respond to the magnetic forces of the aurora to create a spectacle of lights.



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