The Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm by Designliga

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Mar 2014 6:19 pm | Other

The Audi AG and the Obergl-Hochgurgl Ski-Lift Company collaborated to create the Festkogl Alm alpine resort with the aid of the Designliga studio offering a daring contemporary design with a combination of automotive elements.

The project is located in the Austrian Alps and this is a region where Audi showcase their all-wheel drive and their integrated technology through a “Quattro experience” created by Obergl-Hochgurgl so it was a great setting for the project with its severe and challenging conditions.

The resort is at an altitude of 2650 meters and it offers a bold architecture with a streamlined aesthetic characteristic of Audi with the motif rings on the parapet to stand out through the terrace and on the façade. The materials used were some of the same as in the lightweight automotive design with a futuristic and highly geometric style.

There are also traditional elements integrated into the design with wood panels and beams adding a bit of warmth and making the indoor ambiance a bit cozier, while the exterior is very minimalist with bold red paint predominating.



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