Atnachta café by Nir Portal Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Aug 2014 2:15 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Atnachta Café is located on the corner of a busy street in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel and it features an interior designed by the Nir Portal Architects practice in 2013 with a cozy elegant look during the daytime that can become a dark atmosphere during the night.

The sitting area outdoors continues into the interior so that the two zones seem to be integrated into a single combined space in which the seating bar is the central element with a floating oak wood structure above it adding a natural tone to the bar as well as reducing the impact of the tall ceiling.

The illumination is quite unique since it was built out of real pigeon feathers and it simulates the warm presence of the bird. The interior is decorated with concrete tiles, colored tiles on the floor as well as you can see in the old houses of the city and some of the walls are covered in pouring paint to create a variety of shades.



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