AM Apartment by SuperLimao Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 11:00 pm | Apartments

The AM Apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed by the SuperLimao Studio for a singly young executive who loves to cook and to entertain guests.

Spreading over a surface of 180 square meters, the project went through several interventions for a larger array of recreational facilities. The lobby has a RGB lighting system to set the mood for the entire apartment and it then continues with ten door viewers, each of them offering a different Kama sutra image.

The living area has a floor where 6000 ping-pong balls were used on the edges instead of sand or rocks for a playful environment and the kitchen has a large graffiti created by Nove (Digital Organico) on the floor to point toward the dining room and then form a drawing in a corner.

The loft is equipped with a Home Theater inspired from the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge that is visible from the apartment with shelves instead of the main bridge structure.


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