Apartment Saksaganskoho by Rina Lovko

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 May 2016 5:18 am | Apartments

The designed Rina Lovko created the Apartment Saksaganskoho in Kiev, Ukraine with a colorful interior that offers rich and elegant details.

The project spreads over a surface of 120 square meters and is on the fourth floor of a new house in the historical part of the city. Completed in 2013, the designer worked with the creative team and added a dressing in the main bedroom, highlighted the personal bathroom and extended the guests’ restroom to increase the overall functionality of the loft.

The living room and dining area are the main sections of the apartment with natural materials and furniture creating a minimalist yet vibrant ambiance. The materials and colors are placed in a homogenous manner but each room has its own personality.

The decorations enrich the spaces with paintings created by the artist Tetyana Goryushina and a mosaic by Anna Krut to complete the bright interior and add the final touch to the project.



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