Apartment Restoration in Barcelona by Vora arquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Dec 2013 1:16 pm | Apartments

This apartment located on Carrer Gran de Gracia in Barcelona, Spain was restored by the practice of Vora arquitectura in 2011 removing the layers that were superimposed throughout the years to offer a structure of linked spaces and a floor mosaic that defines the purpose of each area.

The ceiling has ceramic arches and wooden beams which were consolidated while the tone of the interior was homogenized to a white palette that took the most advantage from the optimization of the natural illumination.

The program is defined by closed autonomous modules similar to boxes that host the services and the storage spaces. They maintain the white finish to clearly show their purpose and unify chromatically with the container space.

There is a timber substructure installed on the outside to emphasize the importance of the interior and the building facilities were concentrated between the modules and the main areas to avoid the need for additional cracks on the vertical surface of the structure.



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