Apartment with Green Walls by SVOYA Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Sep 2014 1:33 pm | Apartments

This elegant contemporary apartment is located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine and was designed by the SVOYA Studio with a view toward the Dnipro River from the large array of windows as well as with a touch of nature inside provided by the green walls.

The furnishings inside have vintage tones and they bring additional comfort with the combination of contemporary art and natural touches. The layout is open and consists of the living area with kitchen and dining room integrated which leads into the study with transit zones oriented to offer a view of the city.

The designers collaborated with the construction company to solve the problems which arose and the most difficult task was the implementation of the vertical gardening panels with a complete self-service cycle in which they used wood and concrete panels.

The ceiling and walls have a white tone and the furniture pieces are also mostly white but the flooring integrates with the green walls to create a natural environment in the middle of the crowded city so that the overall ambiance is one of coziness and safety.

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