Apartment D by Simutin Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Feb 2016 12:09 am | Apartments

Apartment D is a project designed by the Simutin Design studio and it is located in a new residential complex in Krasnodar, Russia. The peculiar interest in the project is stirred by its choice of anglophile accessories and decorative elements throughout the interior.

The designers concentrated their efforts in making the apartment as light and open as possible featuring two separate bedrooms, a kitchen and a large living room. These spaces are all visually connected through large openings and sliding doors so that the areas can offer privacy or extra space when needed.

The loft has a surface of 100 square meters and its furniture is comprised of Andrew Martin Union Jack Armchairs, while the sofa, coffee table and the headboard in the bedroom were enhanced with leather upholstery. The color palette is royal to go with the ambiance set by the chandeliers so that aside from the British flags and the white walls there are golden tones warming the interior.



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