Apartment for the Casa Cor Minas 2014 Exhibition by David Guerra

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jan 2015 2:30 pm | Apartments

The David Guerra architectural practice designed a functional and elegant apartment for the Casa Cor Minas 2014 Exhibition which is supposed to be inhabited by an executive.

The architect brought the needs of contemporary life into a functional environment with a fluid and open layout that permits easy access to the dining area, living or kitchen which are integrated into a single room while also ensuring privacy when needed through the use of sliding doors.

The predominant material is wood for a cozy natural ambiance and the furniture is made of wood as well, being created by the architect himself so that the living room pieces could serve as a dining table, work space or entertainment zone.

The reused leather Venetian blinds permit the ventilation of the electronic equipment and the contrast between tones of dark blue, black and yellow as well as that between natural and industrial elements brings a great diversity of textures into the atmosphere, especially when combined with artworks of different styles.


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