Apartment Biancamaria by Paolo Frello

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Sep 2013 6:44 pm | Apartments

Located in Milan, Italy, the Apartment Biancamaria was designed by Paolo Frello and it features a combination of classical and modern styles which is quite original and diverse.

This splendid apartment is located in an older building and the design tries to connect with it through the preservation of the original layout. Spreading over a surface of 230 square meters, the loft has a corridor at the entrance leading you to the living area which features several autonomous spaces either for the local service or for conviviality.

The dining room faces the entertainment room and there is also a separate reading corner with a bookshelf and a TV continuing into the sleeping area.

The classical structure extends inside with the inlaid parquet floor but the loft also integrates a lot of modern elements such as the furnishings and the highly diverse works of art to create a harmonious and very original ambiance.



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