Apartment AB by 081 Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2014 7:47 pm | Apartments

The Apartment AB located near Warsaw, Poland is a small interior designed by the practice of 081 Architects in an attic that provides a beautiful contemporary aesthetic with a highly efficient layout.

The living area is extremely bright with large windows and a white tone on the ceiling and walls, while the flooring brings a light wooden texture into the mix and the couch has a darker tone for contrast, as well as the lamp hanging above the dining table.

The living area incorporates a small study space and the coffee table is equipped with shelves for extra storage space and it can be rolled underneath the small study to allow the futon to open and become the bedroom area.

There is an additional bed for the children and it is tucked under a desk to provide a more efficient space organization. This area has a green touch to give it a more joyous ambiance that remains in the overall vibe of the home. The kitchen was split into two areas due to the slated ceiling and it features a pale blue palette with white brick accents on the stove side and a portable wine cabinet on the other side.


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