America’s Cup Building in Valencia, Spain

By : Mark V | 28 May 2015 9:30 am | Landmarks

This stunning building has many names. Locally it is known as “Veles e Vents”, this title is borrowed from a poem written in the fifteenth century by Ausiàs March and it talked about the power of the winds. The generic name for America’s Cup Building in Valencia is the Foredeck Building and it has a key location, facing the sea. The building has won many European architectural prizes,including LEAF Awards.

This structure has many facilities to offer. There are areas made especially for socializing: the park,the headquarters while the main purpose of the building is to host the boat racing competition. This is the first time in 150 years when Europe hosts the boat racing competition, after the Swiss team Alinghi beat Team New Zealand in 2003.

The Veles e Vents building is part of a bigger project in the redevelopment of the industrial port of Valencia. The design is impressive, the structure has four floors that have the size of half a football field, it also reveleals open platforms that function as terraces, the main material that was used was concrete.

The terraces have different sizes and are connected by an intricate,beautiful system of external staircases. Another fun fact was that the building was built in only eleven months and it also has a parking space that can host 800 cars and a park can be found nearby for socialization.

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