Amazing small apartment in Paris: Red Nest

By : Mark V | 18 May 2015 12:46 pm | Apartments, Interiors

Designer Paul Coudamy has taken care of this small apartment located in Paris, France. It is called the Red Nest and it`s just 23 square meters in which he managed to include  a bedroom, a home office and a dressing area – quite impressive what he made with such little space but what’s even more impressive is how incredible it looks.

A mobile bookshelf helps hide the bed and dressing space so the apartment would seem more spacious Rooms are divided with the use of two way mirrors, all these contributin to the maximization of the space.

The apartment was called the Red Nest because the design seems to unite different rooms into one tiny space-just like a nest and the apartment is also painted red and white. The design shows that you can have a functional space, even if the budget is tight. And a contemporary style as well.

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