Amazing home in Brazil: Vila Castela

By : Mark V | 5 Jan 2016 10:15 pm | Homes

Build in Nova Lima, Brazil, the Anastasia Architects took care of the design of this residence constructed in a position so extreme that cantilevers had to be used. The Vila Castela Residence occupies around 650 sq meters and it has all the facilities you can possibly want. It has three floors, the basement is the relaxation zone where you can enjoy some free time and indulge in a Jacuzzi or sauna that are found here. There is also a wine cellar to complete the dreamy atmosphere.

Moving on, the ground floor has the living area and the kitchen that are next to the terrace outside and to the outdoor swimming pool. The architects made this be the center of the house. The first floor is reserved to the bedrooms, where the inhabitants can enjoy the privacy that they desire.

The structure is made out of concrete and the form is curvy and robust, but in the same time it doesn’t seem rough, it fits the surroundings since it is not a self referred building. The texture of the concrete lasts and fits the climate of this area. The average temperatures don’t exceed 28 Celsius in the summer and 16° Celsius in the winter.

The doors and windows were designed and placed in such a way not to require the use of artificial climate. The roof also has solar voltaic cells. The masonry is painted terracotta so it wouldn’t need any other interference or changes. As if the design wasn’t enough to stir our imagination, the view is splendid since the house is built near a forest down hill.

The concept of Vila Castela Residence is simple. The architects didn’t modify the surroundings too much-the eco friendly constructions are gaining popularity- they also used natural resources for energy, the architectural shapes fit the nature elements but there are also facilities that take us back to the urban style.

[Anastasia Architects]

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