Altímetro by Darkitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Feb 2016 1:31 am | Offices

Altimetrois is a project designed by Darkitectura in Colonia Roma, Mexico D.F, Mexico, as a space where tours dedicated to extreme sports are created, so the designers tried to design a playful and diverse space that adapts to the profile of the agency.

Spreading over a surface of 145 square meters, the project employs a large open plan to give the visitors a sense of freedom and one of the sides has a floor-to-ceiling mirror to give the impression of an even larger space.

The main element inside is the organic-modular wall spreading over 15 meters in length and composed of orange plastic boxes dividing the workspaces and storing the things needed in every office so that this large wall will eventually become a gigantic archivist on both sides.

The pattern was generated by the repetition and variation of plastic modules to become either concave or convex in the areas where more space is needed and the floating table is perforated MDF CNC to allow laptop ventilation and reduce the circulation space since it is linked to the columns.



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